Lead The Team can help you Lead YOUR team!

Have you been frustrated by ineffective meetings? Meetings dominated by strong personalities and time wasting?  Dr. Bob can act as a meeting facilitator for your next corporate retreat, summit or conference.  Dr. Bob can also coach your executive team in holding effective meetings.

"best keynote speaker" Dr. Bob has a 30 year Career and has worked with over 50 senior executives including Presidents, Senior VP’s, CFO’s and Board Members.  He offers one-on-one monthly accountability check-ups to be sure you are following through and executing your commitments.  Dr. Bob also offers extended on site training.

For more than 30 years Dr. Bob has served leaders from the mail room to the executive suite. Sometimes the leader is a new or emerging supervisor. Often it’s a grass-roots leader who’s clearly under-utilized in the current job.

Not infrequently, the leader is good at everything except engaging in constructive conflict and simply needs a coach to nudge him/her to gain the competence and confidence of healthy conflict management. Sometimes, the current CEO invites Dr. Bob to serve the heir-apparent as a trusted leadership coach to help her/him correct behaviors that will deny a hoped-for promotion to the corner office.


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